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Are Electric Saunas Good For You? Yes!

In a word, yes. 

Electric infrared saunas are used to increase the heat of the body for short periods of time. Regularly doing this has been shown to have several health benefits including; reduction of stress, increases heart rate, increased blood flow, better respiration, increased sweating and the excretion of toxins and other wastes.

The Heat of Infrared Saunas Helps relaxation

One of the greatest problems we have today is stress. However people that regularly have a 30 minute or so session once or twice a week have reported better stress management as the sessions helps them relax and sleep better later on.

Fighting off colds with Infrared Saunas

Both children and adults that have been subjected to infrared sauna sessions have been shown to fight off colds and other infections faster, as there seem to be a boosting of the immune system in warding off these infections during the heat sessions.

Complement your exercise sessions for weight loss with infrared sauna sessions

Infrared sauna sessions increase the heat of the body, increases the metabolism as burns calories in the process. This can help to further burn more fat for people that are undergoing other weight loss therapy, and the action of the infrared rays on the body stimulates the production of collagen for a firmer skin.

The Pleasure of using Infrared Saunas

While many people use infrared saunas for the first time due to the proposed health benefits, or due to curiosity, many continue their use for the pleasurable experience. You can use this time to enjoy and relax, resting in the heat as the sweat and toxins are excreted and useful and relaxing hormones are released in the body.